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Couples therapy involves both people in the relationship coming in for

treatment. Techniques include:


Facilitating communication between key family members


Discovering how people unwittingly contribute to individuals' problems


Highlighting and strengthening certain bonds within the relationship.


Understanding how the family functions in the context of extended family

and community


Clarifying and strengthening the parenting relationship


Helping family members differentiate; to "be move themselves" within the

context of the family.


Creating a safe space together to rebuild trust and commitment after a rupture/betrayal in the relationship.


Making clear decisions about the future of the relationship; either together or through separation.

Commitment: " Letting go of all possibilities but one and,

within that one, being open to all possibilities."  Britten


The idea of“Letting go of all possibilities but one" brings about feelings of....

-Surrender, fear, vulnerability, security, confidence, sadness, loss. “


"…and within that one, being open to all possibilities:” brings about feelings of....

- fear, stubbornness, ego, pride, excitement, exploration, newness, curiosity, disgust, disappointment, hope, connection.


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