William Allured, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Allured

Private Practice  in Greenwich Village and Huntington, NY


Faculty, Postgraduate Program for Psychotherapy and

Psychoanalysis, Derner Institute of Advanced

Psychological Studies  at  Adelphi  University


Faculty, Brookhaven Institute for the Integration of Psychoanalysis and Theology


Adjunct Clinical Supervisor, Pace University


Member: American Psychological Association

Member: Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Member: Connecticut Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology.


My initial clinical training was in existential-based therapists that were in vogue on the West coast in the early 70’s. Additionally, I trained in body-oriented therapies, here-and-now oriented Gestalt therapy, and implementing insight-meditation in a holistic treatment environment. As much as I valued this work and saw first-hand it’s effectiveness, I noticed that I most respected other professionals who had come from a more “solid” traditional background and then discovered the added depth and effectiveness of alternative treatments. I felt that I was going at it backwards.

In the late 1980’s, after many years of practicing within this perspective, I uprooted my family to pursue state-of-the-art traditional education and training, obtaining my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, trained in hospitals such as Bellevue and Bronx Psychiatric and then did post-doctoral training in psychoanalysis at New York University. I worked hard and was fortunate to receive some of the best training available in the world in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

I have continued to be actively involved in teaching and training students in psychotherapy as well as in my own continued learning and education. I moved to New York to be on the leading edge of my field and continue to re-find and be challenged by that pursuit.

I am also a visual artist and have exhibited my photography in juried and one-person shows and have held private classes and workshops on photography. My eye for aesthetics is an intricate part of how I work with other artists as well as others.


Licensed in New York and Connecticut